The Morphing Feminine, is the latest show at the Olivier Cornet Gallery. This is a visual artists’s response / reaction to -and possibly- re-reading of- various aspects of the feminine in James Joyce ‘s novel Ulysses and in the author’s life. This art exhibition is part of this year’s Bloomsday Festival. This exhibition will run until 20th of July 2020.  
The title of the exhibition is a reference to Dr Caroline Elbay’s talk at the James Joyce Centre on 4th November 2019:“Throwing Shapes: The Morphing Feminine in Joyce

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Bean [ban]: Chapter 3 ; acrylic on wood.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Bean [ban] (meaning ‘woman’ in Gaelic*)  
In referencing James Joyce’s alter ego Dedalus, this work reimagines the story according to a woman’s perspective (“Bean”[ban] meaning woman in Gaelic).
In Joyce’s first novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, he traces the religious and intellectual awakening of a male protagonist Stephen Dedalus who is also an important character in Ulysses. Based on the Greek mythological figure, Daedalus was seen as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and power. In this painting I’ve represented the woman as the icon, the revered in society as opposed to what was in the past a male domain, containing male perspectives and male portraits as it were. 
The work is an abstract representation of the female portrait. On one hand we see her fragmented and constrained; commenting on a woman’s place in society and the obstacles she encounters; on the other hand we see strong bold colours; contrasting shapes; light and dark; soft and hard which in all strike as an alternative visual rendition of the woman’s chapter to Joyce’s Alter Ego, Dedalus – a complex symbol of female wisdom, knowledge and power.

Circe’s Spell: Bloom and Dedalus; acrylic and nylon thread on board.

Circe’s Spell: Bloom and Dedalus
This work refers to the chapter Circe in Joyce’s Ulysses. In Greek mythology, Circe was a Sorceress, and represented by the gender shifting Bella Cohen in Ulysses. In this chapter, Bloom and Dedalus face their demons and enter the dark underworld (Nighttown), where they encounter the dominating Bella Cohen (Circe). The diptych is a type of sigil magic, representing female power and energy. Both upright triangles represent the masculine, as well as being a symbol of the occult, referring to Joyce’s own personal interest with the occultism, theosophy; and the study and practice of magic. 
(Ref: Carver, Craig. “James Joyce and the Theory of Magic.” James Joyce Quarterly, vol. 15, no. 3, 1978, pp. 201–214).

Olivier Cornet Gallery, 3 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1, D01 NV63, Ireland
087 288 7261
Tues to Friday: 11am – 6pm (8pm on Thurs) 
Sat & Sun: 12 noon – 5pm


DRAWING ON DON QUIXOTE curated and presented by the Olivier Cornet Gallery in response to Miguel de Cervantes’ novel. This exhibition was first presented at National Opera House, Wexford by kind invitation of Wexford Festival Opera (18 October to 3 November 2019); and later showcased at VUE Art Fair, RHA Dublin (7 -10 November).

Fools Gold: Pride and Glory
Acrylic, wood and nylon thread; 25 x 25 cm 

I exhibited two paintings (featured) for this themed exhibition titled, Fools Gold: Pride and Glory, and Illusions of Grandeur both painted with acrylic and nylon thread on wood and board.

While embarking on some of the main themes of Don Quixote, a delusional and naive man; I have drawn from the psychoanalytical, the fragility of the brain, insanity, and the nuances of the erratic and unhinged. 

Influenced by landscape after a recent visit to the Spanish desert in Andaluscia, as well as the practices of Joan Miró and Wassily Kandinsky,  the emphasis is on the painting process which involves improvisation, chance, playing with colour, form and composition. 

Through the processes of layering, scraping, scuffing and free association, I attempt to simulate the duality and coexistence of illusion and reality, the inside and outside environment; and the dark black eclipses of the mind which can often reveal the more surreal aspects of the human subconscious. 

Illusions of Grandeur
Acrylic, wood and nylon thread; 25 x 25 cm

The exhibition also featured new work by the artists represented by the Olivier Cornet Gallery and members of the gallery’s AGA group: Annika Berglund, Aisling Conroy, Hugh Cummins, John Fitzsimons, Jordi Forniés, Conrad Frankel, David Fox, Claire Halpin, Nickie Hayden, Eoin Mac Lochlainn, Miriam McConnon, Sheila Naughton, Yanny Petters, Kelly Ratchford, Vicky Smith and Susanne Wawra.

For more information about the show and the artists, visit


After its hugely successful premiere at Cúirt International Festival of Literature 2019, Fregoli are back to bring you The Fregoli Heart Project on Tour.

The Fregoli Heart Project
We encountered love in moments of both sunshine and shadow”
-Charlie Mc Bride

O’Donoghue Centre, Galway – October 24th-26th
The Roscommon Arts Centre- November 15th
Dublin- Details to follow!

In an era of borders, marginalization, and mass attempts to inspire hate and difference, Fregoli wishes to return to what is quintessential to life; love.

Love which can be deceptively simple or complex, in all its forms. Launched on October 11th 2018 Fregoli put out an open call and received an abundance of beautiful submissions from people of varying ages, backgrounds and abilities all-encircling Love. The creative team worked as an ensemble taking these submissions and molding them into a theatre production bursting with love and light. We want to spread this love through a series of heart-warming vignettes leaving our audience feeling uplifted.

The Fregoli Heart Project had its’ debut performance as part of The Cúirt Festival 2019 in Nun’s Island Theatre where our cast was joined by dancers from The Eglington, Galway and performers from the Bohermore Teen Drama Group. The Fregoli Heart Project will now return to The O’Donoghue Centre on October 24th and 25th at 8pm and October 26th at 3pm (tickets will be available via Event Brite) and The Roscommon Arts Centre on November the 15th at 8pm. Dublin venue, dates and times to follow!

Fregoli delivered an hour-long show that was by turns touching, funny, poignant, joyful, heartfelt and true (……) It was a show as warm, life-affirming and soul-gladdening as a good, scrunchy hug.” -Charlie McBride

DIRECTOR: Maria Tivnan assisted by Eimear Finan.
CAST: Eilish McCarthy, Kate Murray, Oisin Robbins and Jarlath Tivnan
VISUAL ARTIST: Aisling Conroy
COMPOSER: Mark Daniel Kerry
DURATION : 60 Mins approx.
POSTER CREDIT : Aisling Conroy
PROMO IMAGE CREDIT : Emilija Jefremova

For more info, visit: A PLAY ABOUT LOVE


Earlier this Summer I was thrilled to be selected artist for a residency at Joya: AIR which will begin this coming August. The two week residency which is aimed at visual Artists and Writers, is based in the remote desert and countryside of Almería province, Andalucía, Spain.

During my time at there, I’ll be working on current visual art and animation project with a focus on developing new work shaped and illuminated by the natural environment.

I’m looking forward to meeting all the team at Joya:AIR and of course the other resident artists in August, giving me a chance to engage and ultimately explore my own ideas with other creative minds; and doing so through a highly respected international residency, and in the stunning rural surroundings of Parque Natural Sierra María.

Joya: arte + ecología is ‘an arts led field research centre’. The research is manifested through an arts residency (Joya: AiR), through collaborations with artists on projects generated, through transdisciplinary programmes with ecologists and environmental activists. Joya: arte + ecología also curates international artists within Spain.

Cultural practice at Joya: Los Gázquez is inseparable from cultural activities expressed through land and land use on this working farm. Joya: and Los Gázquez are in a continuous state of development evolving sustainable ways to convert dry land to sustainable and productive land via research, inquiry and development.

Joya: arte + ecología is the embodiment of a truly contemporary arts organisation working independently to engage with contemporary thought in relation to climate change and sustainability via education, research and activism.

For more info visit:


Earlier this month I had the privilege to collaborate with Fregoli Theatre Company on their latest work, The Heart Project. I was invited to join their Creative Team in 2018 to design a set and the show branding, and I unexpectedly wrote a short piece which was performed exquisitely by Óisín Robbins. The play was Directed by Maria Tivnan and Co-Directed Eimear Finan, and performed by the super talented cast of, Eilísh McCarthy, Kate Murray, Óisín Robbins and Jarlath Tivnan. Music and Sound Design written by Composer Mark Daniel Kerry.

L- R: Kate Murray, Eilísh McCarthy, Jarlath Tivnan, Óisín Robbins.
Photo: Emilija Jefremova
The Fregoli Heart Project, pre-show warm up with cast.
Photo: Emilija Jefremova

The set design for this show is still in development, and as the show ripens again over the coming months, we hope that the other elements will also evolve, mold, shape and restructure. Life imitates!

The process of making the set and the overall collaboration for this particular show was a new way of working for me-combining many elements. Gleaning from collected and shared accounts by anonymous writers, we examined love and life in our initial writing days. We discussed relationships-family, friendships, partnerships, romance, community, home, culture, work, first loves, break ups, sex, food, sounds smells, music, dance, illness, addictions, births, deaths the list goes on…catharsis. In piecing together narratives, we deliberated upon these accounts, these relationships- the ones that had moments (or longer in some cases!) of pain and confusion, and often with no answers; followed by mere glimpses of insight, clarity and enlightenment and how all of these can be read as mathematical equations; and as alchemy. They evolve and change into something that is beyond our own comprehension, into something we could not have foreseen. We witness the dark, and the light. We witness the maths of it all. The alchemy. The magic.

The show made its debut for the Cúirt International Festival of Literature in Nun’s Island Theatre, Galway on 8th April 2019. So much energy bursting and spilling from the seams in this show. One could not possibly ask for more.

The Heart Project aims to spread the love around national venues for 2019 and beyond, keep an eye out for updates via Fregoli Theatre here.

Full cast with dancers from The Eglington, Galway and performers from the Bohermore Teen Drama Group.
Photo: Emilija Jefremova

The Fregoli Heart Project; stage design

About the Fregoli Heart Project:

In an era of borders, marginalization, and mass attempts to inspire hate and difference, Fregoli wishes to return to what is quintessential to life; love. Love which can be deceptively simple or complex, in all its forms.

Launched on October 11th 2018 Fregoli put out an open call and received an abundance of beautiful submissions from people of varying ages, backgrounds and abilities all-encircling Love. The creative team worked as an ensemble taking these submissions and molding them into a theatre production bursting with love and light. We want to spread this love filling our audience with warmth and heart, leaving them uplifted .

The creative team included visual artist, Aisling Conroy, a composer, Mark Daniel Kerry and the cast were also joined by dancers from The Eglington, Galway and performers from the Bohermore Teen Drama Group.

DIRECTOR: Maria Tivnan; CO-DIRECTOR: Eimear Finan
CAST: Eilish McCarthy, Kate Murray, Oisin Robbins and Jarlath Tivnan
COMPOSER: Mark Daniel Kerry VISUAL ARTIST: Aisling Conroy


Recently I had the honour of coordinating with an amazing and dedicated team on Animation Ireland’s 2019 Irish Animation Awards, and so it was a real treat to also see my design used throughout the new branding for 2019 The Irish Animation Awards.

Based on magical surroundings of Dingle and Kerry, the three suns represent the third year of Animation Ireland’s awards with swallows (AA for “Animation Awards”) returning back to Ireland this time of year, bringing the animation awards and accolades back home.
The wave pattern used to represent the Atlantic ocean on which Dingle and Kerry reside, is a Japanese motif-a homage to Jimmy Murakami and the Murakami award, which was won by Nora Twomey (Cartoon Saloon) on Saturday nights ceremony!

What a super evening with so many outstanding people, carrying gorgeous energy and personality with them within the industry and wherever they go.

Big big congrats to all the nominees and winners- some extreme talent there and forces to be reckoned with! Bualadh bos mór to the Irish Animation industry!

This was Animation Ireland’s third awards ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding creative talent we have within the Irish Animation, VFX and gaming industries. The awards took place at the Dingle Skelligs Hotel on Saturday the 23rd of March 2019.

Home to the Dingle Film Festival and Animation Dingle for the last 7 years, Dingle provided Animation Ireland with the perfect backdrop for the Irish Animation Awards. Delighted to be back in the magical surroundings of Dingle and honoured to be associated with what has become an internationally renowned event!



Yellow heralds the floating World, I & II (2018);acrylic and nylon thread on board.

‘Somewhere between perception and reality’ is an exploration of the world of appearances, of surface scratching and the way we have to read between the lines -or images and layers- to get to the core of things.

Sometimes we have to look within to understand what’s without, but are we really looking? In the current climate of fake news, half-truths, rushed verdicts and online knee-jerk reactions, maybe art can help us navigate the tortuous roads of reality by asking us to look again and again, to consider how others perceive our world. Then we might see theirs or at least find common ground…

In my latest work, Yellow heralds the floating world I & II responds to the rise of ‘yellow journalism’ (unscrupulous news reporting) which has become the malady of modern society. This series references the traditional Japanese ukiyo-e, also know as The Floating World or ‘sad troublesome world’- a wood block printing method from the 1600’s Japan which often depicted the more “unsavory” ego driven aspects of humanity. The tablet form of the paintings with yellow web structures and thin nylon threads could be interpreted as the early day tabloid, and referencing the intrusion of the interconnecting web of social media in our lives. 

The Olivier Cornet Gallery presents this group show entitled ‘Somewhere between perception and reality’. A ‘lighter’ version of the exhibition was first presented at VUE, Ireland’s National Contemporary Art Fair (Royal Hibernian Academy, 1-4 Nov 2018). The official opening of this exhibition will be on Sun, 9th of Dec 2018, 3pm, at the Olivier Cornet Gallery, 3 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1

The show features work by the following gallery artists:


This exhibition runs from 9th Dec 2018 – 17th Feb 2019.

The gallery will be closed from Sun, 23rd Dec 2018 – Fri, 4th Jan 2019 and will resume on Sat, 5th Jan 2019.


“Love each other or perish”– W.H Auden.

I was extremely excited and honored to be asked to collaborate on The Fregoli Heart Project with the phenomenally talented team of performers at Fregoli Theatre Company,Director Maria Tivnan and Composer Mark Daniel Kerry. The topic for discussion? my favorite subject, and I’m sure it’s a favorite of many- love.

The project was launched October 11th at a fund-raising gig in the Róisín Dubh,Galway with singer-songwriters Tracy Bruen, Steven Sharpe, and Dylan Murphy, along with Barry Staunton and Priscilla Winters. The poster design/illustration being the first phase of my involvement in the project.

The Fregoli Heart Project wants to provide respite to the ongoing adversity and treacherous news stories that are churned out via the media and affect our lives in negative ways.  As the launch poster suggests, Fregoli are looking to evoke the stories, memories, words, images from people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities and to represent these through an explosion and release of love, light, intensity and colour, and to ultimately… spread the love.

See below for more details on the project and how to get involved.

Fregoli wants to spread the love and perform experiences of love in all its forms gathered from the public through an open call. Our creative team including a visual artist, performers, and a composer will work together to develop and present these stories interactively through art, music and theatre.

In an era of borders, marginalization, and mass attempts to inspire hate and difference, Fregoli wishes to return to what is quintessential to life; love. Love which can be deceptively simple or complex, in all its forms; love for humanity, family, friends, nature, occupation and of course romantic love. In an effort to celebrate love, collectivity and solidarity we will appeal to the public in an open call for stories/memories/images of love, which will open Oct 11th and run until Jan 6th 2019.

Open Call from Oct 12th to Jan 6thApplication form available here

Submissions must be accompanied by this form, once completed.

The form may then be emailed to with your submission or sent by post to,

Fregoli Heart Project

C/O Des Kenny,

Kennys Bookshop and Art Galleries,

Liosbaun Retail Park,

Tuam Road,



In very good company in this Summer edition (June – August) of the Irish Arts Review magazine. Thrilled to see one of my works ‘The Wisdom of the Heart V (below) published alongside notable artists Damien Flood, Stephen Johnston, David Eager Maher, Bennie Reilly, Leah Hewson Seele, Tom McLean and Holly Walsh.

Presenting “the work of 8 artists under the age of 40 who independently and boldly explore the imaginative possibilities of paint.” To learn more about these artists, IAR invite their readers to nominate their favourite artist online here: VOTE here

p.101 : Aisling Conroy, The Wisdom of the Heart V (2018), acrylic and nylon thread on wood, 60 x 60cm.



Proud and honored to be asked to feature one of my paintings called ‘Iconics II’ on the front cover of the current edition of the Poetry Ireland Review. This current edition also features work by fellow gallery Artists from the Olivier Cornet Gallery. 

Poetry Ireland Review 124, edited by Eavan Boland; contains new poems from Paula Meehan, Ciarán O’Rourke, Lizzy Nichols, Mark Ward, Gabriel Rosenstock, Özgecan Kesici, Doireann Ní Ghríofa, and many other compelling voices. Also included is Eilean Ni Chuilleanáin’s remembrance of her Cork childhood, excerpted from The Vibrant House: Irish Writing and Domestic Space, a book of essays reviewed in issue 124 by Caitríona O’Reilly. Other books considered in this issue include collections from Annemarie Ní Churreáin, Mark Granier, Tara Bergin, The Cambridge Companion to Irish Poets, and the Collected Poems of the late Dennis O’Driscoll, and there’s also a short interview with Thomas Kinsella along with an essay on Kinsella as poet and civil servant. Another Kinsella is this issue’s Featured Poet, Alice Kinsella, and all artwork for the issue is supplied by artists associated with the Olivier Cornet Gallery on Great Denmark Street, around the corner from Poetry Ireland.

Available now to purchase online or in all good bookstores.

Visit Poetry Ireland/ Éigse Eireann for more info

COVER IMAGE: Iconics ii, acrylic and enamel on wood by Aisling Conroy