Earlier this month I had the privilege to collaborate with Fregoli Theatre Company on their latest work, The Heart Project. I was invited to join their Creative Team in 2018 to design a set and the show branding, and I unexpectedly wrote a short piece which was performed exquisitely by Óisín Robbins. The play was Directed by Maria Tivnan and Co-Directed Eimear Finan, and performed by the super talented cast of, Eilísh McCarthy, Kate Murray, Óisín Robbins and Jarlath Tivnan. Music and Sound Design written by Composer Mark Daniel Kerry.

L- R: Kate Murray, Eilísh McCarthy, Jarlath Tivnan, Óisín Robbins.
Photo: Emilija Jefremova
The Fregoli Heart Project, pre-show warm up with cast.
Photo: Emilija Jefremova

The set design for this show is still in development, and as the show ripens again over the coming months, we hope that the other elements will also evolve, mold, shape and restructure. Life imitates!

The process of making the set and the overall collaboration for this particular show was a new way of working for me-combining many elements. Gleaning from collected and shared accounts by anonymous writers, we examined love and life in our initial writing days. We discussed relationships-family, friendships, partnerships, romance, community, home, culture, work, first loves, break ups, sex, food, sounds smells, music, dance, illness, addictions, births, deaths the list goes on…catharsis. In piecing together narratives, we deliberated upon these accounts, these relationships- the ones that had moments (or longer in some cases!) of pain and confusion, and often with no answers; followed by mere glimpses of insight, clarity and enlightenment and how all of these can be read as mathematical equations; and as alchemy. They evolve and change into something that is beyond our own comprehension, into something we could not have foreseen. We witness the dark, and the light. We witness the maths of it all. The alchemy. The magic.

The show made its debut for the Cúirt International Festival of Literature in Nun’s Island Theatre, Galway on 8th April 2019. So much energy bursting and spilling from the seams in this show. One could not possibly ask for more.

The Heart Project aims to spread the love around national venues for 2019 and beyond, keep an eye out for updates via Fregoli Theatre here.

Full cast with dancers from The Eglington, Galway and performers from the Bohermore Teen Drama Group.
Photo: Emilija Jefremova

The Fregoli Heart Project; stage design

About the Fregoli Heart Project:

In an era of borders, marginalization, and mass attempts to inspire hate and difference, Fregoli wishes to return to what is quintessential to life; love. Love which can be deceptively simple or complex, in all its forms.

Launched on October 11th 2018 Fregoli put out an open call and received an abundance of beautiful submissions from people of varying ages, backgrounds and abilities all-encircling Love. The creative team worked as an ensemble taking these submissions and molding them into a theatre production bursting with love and light. We want to spread this love filling our audience with warmth and heart, leaving them uplifted .

The creative team included visual artist, Aisling Conroy, a composer, Mark Daniel Kerry and the cast were also joined by dancers from The Eglington, Galway and performers from the Bohermore Teen Drama Group.

DIRECTOR: Maria Tivnan; CO-DIRECTOR: Eimear Finan
CAST: Eilish McCarthy, Kate Murray, Oisin Robbins and Jarlath Tivnan
COMPOSER: Mark Daniel Kerry VISUAL ARTIST: Aisling Conroy