It’s coming to the end of the residency here at the Arthouse. I started back in August 31st 2015 with many plans, inspirations and aspirations; and six months on, I’ve come out of it with a body of work that I never expected. The artist Padraig Robinson’s artwork ‘Knowing You, Knowing Me'(2007) which is on display just outside my studio door; seemed to resonate volumes as I packed up my things and left the Arthouse.

The initial listing for the Patrick Scott Archive has been completed and will entail a much larger project in hand for NIVAL in the coming year; something that the archive are very excited about. Simultaneously working in the studio and delving through Pat’s collection has inspired the work, but without doubt, the dark Winter months of travelling to the studio every week have certainly managed to make their “spiritual stamp” on the paintings (‘Sigil’ series, 2015) and some of the sound/video work too.  The Winter has been tough, but over all an incredible experience having such a serene, comfortable space to come and work in.

The support which I received throughout my time at the Arthouse has been undying. With many thanks and appreciation to Muireann Ní Chonaill, Maureen Culliton, Bridie Keenan Wendy Wright, and Julie Ann Shead in the Library for all their help during the residency. A serious band of women to behold! And a special thank you to NIVAL for access to their significant resources.

The work made in residence at the Arthouse will be on exhibition in June 2016 at The Arthouse Gallery. Details TBA.


Pat 003
Patrick Scott, date unknown; courtesy of NIVAL


A snap shot from the collection at NIVAL


sigil100 dpi
Sigil (2015) 15cm x 15cm;  acrylic and nylon thread on wood